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Sep 17th
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Attacks upon Afrikaner children must cease

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The recent attack by two young black men upon a one-year old Afrikaner baby, Marzaan Kruger, leaving her in a critical condition with severe skull fractures, has highlighted the viciousness of the current genocidal campaign waged against the defenseless Afrikaner and Boer population of South Africa.

The previous ANC minister of police, Charles Nqakula, cynically stated that if "you want to whinge about crime and violence, you are free to emigrate". This was a coded message in which the six million members of the ANC Youth League were given carte blanche to expel all whites from South Africa, just like Robert Mugabe did in Zimbabwe.

The current ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema, notwithstanding a court judgement for hate speech against him, has continued to sing the song "Dubula ibhunu! Dubula! Dubula!", or "Shoot the Afrikaners! Shoot! Shoot!" and must be held responsible for the current wave of anti-white and anti-Afrikaner violence shaking the country.

Every day the media report on atrocities committed against rural and urban Afrikaners, with houses being attacked by death squads of up to twenty men, often armed with automatic weapons that mysteriously find themselves leaked from government stockpiles. They attack mostly the elderly, women and children. Torture, rape and the mutilation of victims are not the exception but the rule.

Often children are shot at point blank range in their mothers' arms, as happened to a pretty, blonde, blue-eyed girl of five, Danielle Esterhuysen, in the town of Randfontein.

We call upon all decent, civilised people worldwide to join us in putting an end to the civil war waged against us, ignited by the state-controlled mass media with its constant hate speech and propaganda, including the broadcast of Julius Malema's exhortations to "shoot Boers".

Given the collapse of state hospitals under the corrupt administration of the ANC and the prohibitive cost of private hospitals, we need to set up community and field hospitals to treat survivors of genocidal attacks. We need to pay for medical supplies and organise to evacuate people from areas in which racial and ethnic attacks are taking place.

We also need volunteers to write to governments and human rights organisations world-wide, including the United Nations. Send your details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and click here: Letter to our American and other friends.

Our Protestant forebears came to South Africa to escape religious persecution in Europe. They built the greatest country in Africa. Now we are being exterminated by radical black nationalists in our own country, while the world is looking the other way.

One hundred years ago Britain killed half of our child population in her military concentration camps on our soil.

Do we deserve to be persecuted for the third time in our history?

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